Up and Down and Down and Up

It's been a few months since I've posted here.

Maybe that's just the way this space is destined to be. The on-again-off-again relationship from every sitcom. Not as funny but almost as interesting.

Since the past few months have passed, I've figured a number of things out;

– I've had a more steady, ongoing diet. It's almost like, when I eat for the sake of fuel it's all good because I require performance. Further than that, though, I've really managed to connect with the after effects of poor dietary decisions. I'm tired of the 'food hangover' that comes with over eating at night. I've really kept a good handle on that. Walking around right now at a good middleweight fighting weight – I wouldn't have to cut to fit into a BJJ tournament weight division.

– Speaking of BJJ, I'm still very much on that path. Been going 3 times a week when I can, still rocking a single stripe on a white belt. There have been ovbious times when meeting one-stripes from other gyms where I realize not all rank is earned the same way. Not at all bolstering my limited knowledge of the system, but I've also definitely rolled through a couple guys with similar rank, and that feels good.

– It's probably for the best that I wasn't accepted for military service. I do have ups and downs. I think those downs especially could be put a lot further down the dark path with some of the terrible things our military has to experience. I went through the entire process and received my answer. I know now – that's at least further than I was when I wondered 'what if'.

– I've started painting again – it's a great balance from combatives and work.

– I've taken an ownership position in CTSIT. That's a really big deal – at the 10 year mark, I'm now an owner and have been eating my fill of entrepreneur content.

Relatively speaking, I'm in a good place. I'm motivated and ready for a season of warmth – the winter is really dragging on this year, and I'm excited to get out camping, hiking and running, finally, in some positive temperatures.

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