19 06, 2018

#ROW80 a-god-damned-gain.

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Well, well, well. I've tried it before. I'm going to plan and execute a writing project to span the next two #ROW80 rounds. Inside that time frame, beginning July 3, I will develop and write a 50,000 word project to have a first draft complete by the end of the year. How's that for planning a SMART goal? I'll post here once I've got my ducks in a row - ideally, I'd like to find a remote writing buddy who is also working on something to help keep me accountable. Though, it feels similar to when I first started losing [...]

16 09, 2016

Atlantik: The first post.

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Here's something a little different. I've been writing a story. Instead of traditionally keeping it a secret, I'm opting to share it. When it's all done, I'll self publish it and you'll be able to buy it. Keep in mind, this is a first draft. Unedited and raw. Lots of stuff is likely to change as I finish it up and paw through a second draft. Atlantik is the story of the Battle for Normandy. In this story, history is changed and created for entertainment's sake, not by any means to take away from the sacrifices made or anything like [...]