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Angor: Next steps for a well-received campaign setting

Over the weekend, I put Angor up on Reddit.

After a couple hours, I had received a bunch of really nice feedback and a couple hundred upvotes. One particular comment got me to thinking;

So, are you going to try and sell Angor to a publisher/have a pay-what-you-want model for releasing this?

I've thought of that since I started putting together Angor. It brings up a few things inside my head that have been an internal argument since I was a teenager. I remember when, in my first year of high-school, a teacher told me that the internet was not a credible source for information. As if the printed and bound word, no matter how unreasonable it was, could somehow have more credit just because it was glued-together-paper. I understand that's not the real argument, but you know what I'm getting at.

First of all, I think it would be really cool to get linked up with a publisher for a creative work. Truthfully, I've always wanted that feather in my cap – a published work behind me. I imagine the feeling would be pretty cool to see people using my work in a gameplay campaign, too and, even better than that, I might be able to inspire someone to work on a world of their own.

But, what about self publishing?

It's perfectly reasonable to expect to be able to do it – and that's what I think is changing the landscape of publishing so quickly. It's certainly not a new idea to believe that the internet is shaking up the published-work landscape. Especially for a work that isn't so focused on being an award-winner, I'm inclined to believe that with a little more work, my pretty little campaign setting could get a little bit of exposure. It gets me thinking at least – what about Kickstarter?

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