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Gamer. Creator. Infoholic.

Well, hello there, Internet. I’m Bill.

I’m a dad. A husband and all the other family-focused common nouns. I play a lot of games (well, as much as any other business-owning-dad can) and I love to make stuff. Writing, producing, recording, crafting – whatever. I’ve got that weird part of my mind that can’t be occupied by anything else. Without exercising it, I tend to go a little crazy. I like technology and ‘researching’ into the wee hours of the morning by means of YouTube loops and reddit-worthy infinity spirals. I’m occupied by other interests too – history and fitness stuff being close to the top of the secondary list.

I made this little nook to hold my thoughts and semi-public journalling. The name isn’t original. It’s borrowed from a previous blog I used to hold.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the best at blogging. It’s more of a catch-all for some ideas and ramblings. The site is also a parking spot for me to detail the stuff I’ve been working on as a sort of creative resume. When I do open up a new post about something, you’re welcome to track it on social media or just read it here.

I’m a dad, as I’ve mentioned, but I’m not super keen on being a daddy-blogger. There’s something strange about the idea of telling stories and sharing pictures of your child en masse without proper consent, which he’s not even able to give. I guess that comes into the intersection that I love reading about – that of ethics and privacy. Time will tell, but this isn’t the place for daddy lifehacks and day-trip reports.

I’ve tried the analog means of achieving the same thing, and while it’s not as private to do so, I just feel more at home behind a keyboard than I do with a pen.

Here, you’ll be able to keep track of the stuff I find interesting, without all the shit that normally stacks up on Facebook and similar sites. If you’re digging it, let me know, if not – hey, it’s the internet – feel free to yell at me on twitter.

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