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Wanna know why my little corner of the internet needs a contact form?

Because soon after the shift from Flash-based infrastructures to what we now call Web 2.0 and Java, there was a sudden flux of RAMSSD and 3rd pair VGA splitters that needed a special code to be able to…

Nah, I just want you to be able to email me random shit. Right up until I’m internet-famous enough for people to send me hate-mail, these are the fastest ways to get ahold of me. I’m not on a whole lot of social media sites, so regular old email is probably the fastest way to get a response.

Want to send me awesome links to cool stuff you’ve found online?

Drop me a line or stalk me, totally your call.

Send me useless stuff, links, videos and other repost-worthy artifacts from your travels through the series of tubes we’ve come to know as the internet. If it’s awesome, I’ll shout you out when I post it here instead of making it sound like I’m the only one that finds cool stuff on the internet. I’m into games, nerdy stuff, computers, guns and general badassery, so send me a link!

Keep up to date with blog posts, stuff I’m working on and my latest podcast appearances on the show I run called The Benchcast. Hopefully you’ve pulled something out of this website that is worth keeping. Check back often enough, I post when I’ve got something to share. Thanks for stopping by!



email: mailbox (at) dunsec (dot) net

instagram: /postpunksuperhero