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Trump, North Korea: Talking big, saying nothing.

Let’s start out by saying flatly that I’m no press-pundit with credentials to actually mean anything. I’ve got just over 30 years on this floating ball of rock and, in that time, I’ve seen enough to know a few things. Not many, as my wry mother would be quick to remind you, but a few.

I’ve been asking around as news of more sabre rattling comes through the headlines and main links on reddit. It gets to the point that I’m not really sure if they’re just yammering at each other, or if there’s any military weight behind it at all, but the words being tossed around sure are leading to a Fallout 3 landscape if the leaders using them intend on following through. So, I get to thinking.

If this was a school-yard, and you had two kids mouthing off at one another, you’d probably do just as well to let them scrap, just to get it over with. But, what if they weren’t talking about just a one-on-one?

What if, they were filling water-balloons with paint and intended on settling their differences in a more enclosed space – like the gym during a school-wide assembly. At some point, you’d expect the teachers to step between them. You’d let them jaw at each other, sure, but if you let it continue without stopping them, the simple outcome will cover everyone in paint. So then, if we’re watching these buffoons throw threats at each other, that’s one thing, but when do world leaders get off the back burner and insist that this goes no further?

Of course, that’s the question I can’t back up with any sliver of real knowledge or strategy. How would everyone object in any meaningful way? Would the states’ listen? Would their army?

Surely, I can’t be the only one waiting for some global referee to get in the middle and put them back on the bench – but we only have until the end of the game to sort it out and time is ticking down, one furious second at a time.

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