Rucked: Sunday 15km

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Rucking. I've been doing it for a few years now and slowly starting to indoctrinate the more crazy among my peers to start doing it too. The image for this post is taken from, who gracefully describes the core tennets of rucking as three simple steps;

  1. Grab a backpack.
  2. Load it with about 10% of your bodyweight (as a beginner). You can use bricks, dumbbells, weight plates, or anything else that will fit.
  3. Walk – the distance and pace is up to you.

A few years ago, I participated in the Tough challenge put on by the OG's of the rucking world, GoRuck.

To read more about my experiences in that event, click right here.

Today I donned my ruck for some actual time on the pavement. For the first time in a few years, I put in roughly 15km and a whole pile of PT under my 5.11 Rush 12 pack with 6 bricks in it. Get some.

I did it for two main reasons – to recon the route for the upcoming ENDEX and to put some pressure on myself after a rather lax weekend.

Rucking provides a result I just don't get from any other exercise. I'll bet long-distance running does the same thing, but, I like the 'demons' that present themselves after the time, aches and general discomfort of rucking start to take hold. In the back of your mind, there are these nagging little voices that ask you to slow down, turn back and quit. Rucking provides a platform to meet them head on and voice your dissent. Rucking is the antidote to our nerfed-out civilization.

There's no easy way to finish it. You just have to put on the weight and get to steppin'.

For those lucky few who chose to participate in the Wedge, they'll be introduced formally at the end of August. If you've never put down kilometers under weight, it's a welcome shift from the complacent, easy lifestyle we've all come to know.

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