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Planning the ENDEX

This post is part of an ongoing project called The Wedge. To read more, click here.

For the participant handout, see here: LINK

When I was initially conceptualizing The Wedge, I thought of an overnight wilderness camp. Specifically, a camp where boys and fathers could come together, test themselves and get some good hard-lived moments side by side toward the same goal – finish The Wedge. I imagined the last night, where a supervisor would stay behind to make sure the sleeping kids were looked after and the rest of the dads would participate in an endurance event modelled after tough mudder, GoRuck and the like.

After some consideration, the overnight camp just seemed out of reach. Not only because of the current political climate, which – scary as this might be – dissuaded me from any sort of gender exclusions, but also for the scope and scale of it. It seemed like a great – if large – undertaking.

In it's current form, The Wedge is a similar discipline-focused activity to push participants toward better lifestyle choices with the capability of being totally remote. Eventually, anybody from anywhere would be able to participate.

But here's the kicker – I still wanted to do something like that end-of-the-day endurance event.

Enter: ENDEX.

At the end of The Wedge, participants will be invited (read: not required) to participate in an 8-hour test of physical endurance and mental will.

Modelled heavily from events I've participated in, it will begin with a few people I've known for quite some time. Eventually, I would probably need to seek insurance for participation, which I've already quoted out with a few providers. This would mean a participation cost, but one I think will be worth it. I'm also looking for inspiration where it comes to a 'token'. A lot like a medal at the end of a race or the patch one receives at the last formation in GoRuck, I've been mulling over the idea of having some simple challenge coins made up.

So, what can you expect to see at the ENDEX?

Imagine it like this.

You'll be given a weight to carry. More than likely, a 20-25lbs sandbag. It's yours for the duration of the event. Carry it in your arms, on your shoulders or over the back of your neck – just don't put it down.

We all have a weight to carry, so carry it.

We'll meet at a location to be determined. There, we'll get warmed up and mentally prepared before we get on the move. The route will be shared. Leadership roles will be discussed.

That's the thing – the ENDEX will provide opportunities for each participant to lead the group through physical exercises, to destinations and through objective based tasks.

You'll be expected to perform a number of bodyweight exercises with the key rule in mind – Swift & Deliberate.

Want to prepare yourself?

Get nice and comfortable with lunges, squats, flutterkicks, pushups. Next week, I'll put out a physical primer so participants can prepare to be ready for the ENDEX.

It's supposed to be hard. It's all up to you.

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