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One Month In

This post is part of an ongoing project called The Wedge. To read more, click here.

Well, we're one month into The Wedge.

This far, I expected a number of minor failures of discipline. I expected to be pushing strongly toward my goal of squatting two plates but also anticipated the frequency of my writing to decline as summer started to get going.

After all, if I were looking for an excuse, it would be T-ball, barbeques and the sometimes hourly schedule I've set for myself during the summer months. Topple work, training and the unexpected onto that list and we've got a pretty good combination of reasons for dwindling on my self-prescribed goals.

What was that phrase I got so used to using a few years back?

No factor.

(Yeah, click that shit.)

So, where am I now?

Well, I've pushed the squat numbers to a successful 200lbs, 5×5. Feels good. In fact, it feels real good. It helps to have a next-door neighbour who is just as driven on the squat rack as I am. It breeds natural competition and really puts a fire under my ass. It makes me feel like a superhero when I get under real weight, too.

I'm still plodding on with the Cybrary course for Security+.

In truth, I'm behind. I should be paying more attention to that. A project earlier in June took my attention away from it and now I'm playing catch up. Really, that's a lesson in and of itself. When we started this experiment, I told our faithful few that one of the scariest things about being an adult is that it's all up to you. Everything is. You have to manage it all, do it all and make sure it's all done right.

So, I've got a bitter spoonful of past-Bill's medicine to take in. It is all up to me, and I've been slacking.

I'm not miles behind, but the very purpose of this experiment is to analyze the aspects of my lifestyle that are hindering progress. My hobby-ADD is a good time but damn, if it isn't distracting.

That brings me to this – the blog. I've missed a week of writing and decided to make this week's entry just an update. Sure, I've got stuff going on, but banging out a few hundred words is nothing.

I'm excited to take on the second month of The Wedge. I'm going to keep pressing those numbers 2.5lbs higher at a time under the squat rack. I'm going to keep studying for SEC+. I'm going to keep detailing my progress here.

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