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Bolt Action, Here I Come!

As I have mentioned before, I’m the WWII guy in my group. I drag everyone into COH2 matches and I constantly rewatch old WWII-era movies, if just for the uniforms. A while back, I got into Flames of War. FoW is a miniature wargame, and it’s really well done. Overall, the game plays pretty well, the rules are easy enough to dive into and the strategy, like most tabletop wargames, is awesome fun. There was always one part of FoW I couldn’t really get into, however. The models for FoW are scaled to 15mm, that makes them very, very small. Sometimes, the models were so small I could barely make out any details at all. It was like I would be painting little green and brown blobs and calling them soldiers. The tanks and vehicles were fun to paint, but even the mortars and artillery models were a little flash-heavy. I was missing the detail I’d seen in 40K and similar models, where I could intricately paint each button on a jacket or better yet, partially customize what each model was holding or wearing while building them. I missed that.

Enter, BA. Bolt Action is a similar wargame, played on little handmade countrysides. BA is scaled to 28mm or 1/56 – a much bigger, much more detailed model. With that comes a different play style, too. If FoW is played at the company level, or sometimes at the battalion level, a lot of entry level BA games are played at the platoon level or, from what I can see, even the squad level. I usually like these more intimate, small scale games a lot more. I like moving each individual man about the field of battle, watching my opponent do the same.

Next month, the new starter kit comes out with a full compliment of troops to support a new rulebook that people are very excited about. I’m going to order one up and wait for it’s arrival with the excitement that my dog seems to have, every time anyone comes through the back door. Set to release sometime in September, I’ll put in my order and get ready. I’ve got to get a new paintbrush, some new modelling tools and some new terrain. I’ll be looking to build out a platoon of paratroopers from the 82nd All Americans, but I’ll have to wait for the army lists before I can really start imagining the possibilities. So for now, I’ll wait – and wonder.

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