Wedge 001 – An exercise in self improvement.

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By this time, it's undeniable.

We've gotten soft. Pliable. Comfortable and complacent.

A good handful of years ago, I started thinking about an answer to the impossible question – how do I do anything about a systemic problem?

Not long after that, I wrote a business plan for a not-for-profit camp. A camp for boys and their fathers with a single purpose – to aggressively persue change in mindset. I attended a meeting at the Brantford Business Resource Centre to formalize the paperwork. I had some programming planned out, too. Flag raising ceremonies, physical training, co-operative cooking and pages torn directly from the old Baden-Powell manuals I'd devoured some time before. A lost connection to 'real' scouting and the challenges sought by our fathers in the wild outdoors.

For some reason, it just didn't seem right.

Something about it didn't fire correctly when I imagined it actually running.

After I participated in GoRuck, I thought that was the answer – some kind of endurance event. I started planning a race, even going so far as to get quotes drawn up for insurance and validate my plan with the City.

As with many men my age, I was captivated by the ideas put forward by Jordan Peterson, a U of T professor with a set of structured ideas for helping people become something more than they are. Particularly, his idea surrounding the now-meme-worthy phrase 'clean your room' made me pump the brakes a little on my giant plans for empowering people to reach for more. I whittled it down to this; The Wedge.

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The Wedge is an exercise in discipline, organization and follow-through. It's being actively developed to help maximize the time spent as an adult to be better than we would otherwise be.

We've lost he cultural rites of generations past – we don't have to set ourselves against anything difficult if we don't really want to. It's easy to just plod on, laterally and without any real direction. I refuse to live that as the example of manhood for my son and through talking to a few people about these ideas, I know I'm not alone.

The principle behind The Wedge is simple.

An image of an inverted triangle presents a heirarchical model for goal setting. Along the top, Mind and Body stay on the first plane, equal and beside each other at opposite corners. They meet below at the second plane, intersecting at Craft.

When the Mind and Body are in proper functioning form, we can focus on the secondary – the social, the artistic.

I'm challenging a selection of people to do two things; create one SMART goal centered on the three corners of the wedge. These goals should be attained by the end of three months of work. Then, attend the single event at the end to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation you must endure.

The group itself acts as an accountability anchor for the goals you are creating. Participation via email is required at a minimum with participants encouraged to journal or blog their progress as well.

The three SMART goals I've set for myself are listed below;

– Squat 215 (two plates) by September 1.

– Obtain SEC+ credential via study from Cybrary by September 1.

– Post one blog article per week until September 1.

I don't really know where this little project is going to go or what it will turn into, but I feel like I'm finally on the right path. I'm interested to see the work involved by other participants and the outcome of this experiment. I've got all sorts of ideas as far as next steps for this idea are concerned and fully believe in the human spirit to become something more with hard work and discipline.


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