Kinda figured this was coming

Last week, I got the letter.

"Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Armed Forces."

I'm not suuuper surprised, either. I thought there was something strange happening when I'd passed the 5-month mark for a medical examination.

For the first day, I just kind of accepted the decision because, after all – it's not entirely my decision.

Now, I'm more aligned to that. I get it.

I was unfortunately rejected from participating in the Reserves because I've got a documented history of Anxiety. I fully understand that the Army doesn't know 'Bill'. They know the paperwork behind my application. I also fully understand that a civilian who has a hard time coping with the regular stressors of daily life is gonna have a much harder time navigating military stress than someone who doesn't. So, as far as the paperwork goes, I can see why – reasonably speaking – I'd be let go from the recruiting process.

The rejection letter also mentioned the route I'd taken to help that part of my life. Years ago, I obtained a federal license for medical marijuana.

I get that too – to a point. I'd probably have been down the same path with this application had I been perscribed more widely available anti-anxiety meds.

Either way, I figured I should post something here to close the chapter.

On to the next one.

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