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Why won’t we pay for apps?

Here’s a solid question. If I’m perfectly comfortable spending ten bucks on a game that I know definitively that I will never touch again after only one play (I’m looking at you, racing games) – why won’t I pay for an email app?

I’ve grown too accustomed to the idea of free applications on my mobile devices. Let’s be clear though, everybody knows there’s no such thing as free on the internet. If you’re not paying with cash, you’re probably paying with your privacy, data or even worse, you’re paying with your time. When those ads pop up that you have to ‘x’ out before applying any changes to a photo you’re trying to edit, you’re paying with your time. When you use Gmail, you’re not paying for an email service, but you’re giving them the authority to mine your data. See what I’m getting at here?

Today, I’m going to cross the threshold and actually pay for something on the app store. Not that I would be the one to pirate anything, but I certainly have heard of those crazy internet kids uploading .apk’s to thier phones to get those paid apps for free, too – but my mind always goes to that hidden question; sure, there’s an app for free via this quick download, but has it got a backdoor in it? Specifically, I’m looking to buy Nine, an email app that I’ve been getting a lot of use out of on my S7. It’s slick, quick and easy to manipulate. I’ve considered switching everything to another free app, but thanks to an epiphany I had this morning, I’m going to – GASP – actually support a development team by voting with my dollars and standing behind thier product. I’d encourage you to do the same.

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