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New Scouts: An idea for a new scouting organization

Here’s a thought; what about creating the platform for men and their sons to come together, build skills and endure hardship together – you know, like we used to two grandmas ago?

It’s my opinion that, generally, we’ve lost our way. The traditional qualities of men have been usurped by political correctness and feminized culture.

Whoa, that’s a pretty brash statement, once I actually write it out. I do feel that – more some days than others, and more specifically, after I endure something like Go Ruck or one of my two weekly strangling sessions at The Rumble Academy’s Jiu Jitsu classes. I’ve been mulling this around since the birth of my son, when, during those first few weeks I excitedly researched coaching opportunities and scouting programs.

I just finished up coaching tee ball in Burford and it was a blast. I could see opportunities to help these little guys – all around 4 years old – to become something more. Even if that ‘more’ was learning to throw a ball over the shoulder instead of a ‘sidewinder’, or helping coach pick up the bases after practice because ‘when we’re done playing, we clean up’, there were little tiny adjustments these guys were making to become better.

As far as I’ve been able to tell, there are very few opportunities for boys to explore the means to become better, with boys alone. There are many fewer opportunities for fathers to do the same.

I’m not sure what it would look like – beyond having every father, like it or not, submitting a criminal background check to share in the opportunity to lead the group – but I think I’m onto something. I could see this becoming an avenue to explore the wilderness alongside the means to challenge ourselves as fathers and men to overcome both mental and physical limitations through endurance-based fitness. Imagine a day dedicated to lifting heavy shit, followed by a meetup with our kids to cook by campfire.

I might be out to lunch here, but I know there’s at least a handful of guys out there who would be into this kind of thing. A scouting program without the trophies. An opportunity to become more – and model those challenges for our kids. Hmmph, something to think about.

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