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Keeping the course.

So, I have a problem.

Not a real problem, but a problem none the less.

“This burden’s not a heavy one, but I assure you, it is present.” Thanks George, Alexisonfire seems to dot my life as much as The Tragically Hip, explaining things in song that I just can’t seem to find words for.

I want to create. I love doing it.

As a product of the internet and growing up with it, I’m fully aware of many types of media I can create. Further, I won the genetic lottery in such a way that allows me to focus my energy not on the basic survival of myself and my family, but on the higher-up points on Maslow’s chart like ‘fulfillment’, whatever the hell that is.

I’ve been doing more research on the idea of my generation being known as ‘millennials‘. A link to our most recent podcast below, I really have no idea what that means or is. I feel like this quandry though, is somehow related to the always-changing, instant-gratification-seeking part of myself that I’m starting to come to terms with. Self discovery is a fascinating and terrifying journey, but I’ll happily wade through it.

I want to create, I just can’t seem to stay the course on one particular project. As soon as I’m knee deep in a project, an idea pops into my head that demands attention. I’ve recently started a larger, more complex creative project that is (thankfully) acting as a compass, keeping my bearings on one specific idea. It’s difficult to say ‘no’ to an idea as it comes out. IT’s difficult, but I feel like it will be worth it, personally, to ride one wave until it crashes into the shore, so to speak, instead of jumping ship to each new, fun idea that pops into my squirrel brain.

Don’t know where this post was supposed to go – but if you feel like that, I do too. So there, maybe that’s the point of it all.

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