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Ghost of a good thing.

Well, hello there, internet.

Back in the day, and I mean back in the day, I had a blog called ‘Adventures of a Postpunk Superhero’. I started it to detail a very important trip I was about to take.

I was about to leave for Newfoundland. In the summer of 2008, I think, I’d met a girl at a summer camp we both worked for. She went to school in Newfoundland and left at the end of the summer to continue her studies. I followed, as non-creepily as I could. I started the blog to journal my trip and everything I was about to run into.

The blog ran for quite some time to very little fan fare. Truth be told, I expect the same from this blog – I’m just using it as a spot to publicly recount some of the stuff in my brain, without it being attached directly to any other project. Follow along, if that’s your thing. Leave a comment, or don’t. Enjoy the ride in any case.

I love writing and love the freedom of publishing the internet provides. For some reason, I’m never fully pleased with the videos I create, so I’ve gravitated towards audio projects and writing. I’ll use this space as both a creative resume to point people towards my finished works and, as stated, a live-off-the-floor digital journal for all the world to see. Kinda weird when you type it out.

I’ll stop by later this week, have a nice night, internet. I’ll leave you with a little art from Brian Wood’s DMZ.


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Wearer of many hats, maker of many things. Combatives, fitness and guzzling information make up most of his spare time. @postpunksuperhero on IG


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