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gen·u·ine: truly what something is said to be; authentic.

A night later, I wake refreshed but still confused. Not down, as I’ve kind of been these past few weeks as I attempt to ‘clean my room‘, so to speak, but still actively trying to figure this out.

My wife’s words really shook me up – that’s a great thing and a reflection of what a positive influence she has on me.

“You’re looking for genuine experiences.”

Yeah, I think that’s the ticket.

As I embark on another workweek, the meditation will be focused on this. Evacuating the senseless, meaningless interactions, items and belongings and really pegging down the stuff that matters. I like to think these moments will be worth it – in the long run, I mean. Instead of just mindlessly surfing through life, I like to imagine the choppy waves are worth wading through.

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