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Bill Dungey – Media maker, infoholic, progress-minded. 2017-04-28T10:57:06+00:00

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I’m Bill.

I’ve got a pretty good case of hobby-ADD, a term that I haven’t bothered to fully finish defining but basically translates into a very on-again-off-again approach to investing my time into any number of things. You’ll see reference to all kinds of stuff here; tactical gear, philosophy, miniatures, gaming, being a family man, growing up, music, technology and whatever book I picked up last week. I use this space primarily as an infodump for everything I’m working on, so that when I’m eventually a super-famous magician or something, there’ll be a spot I’ve already got everything logged. I’m into nerd culture, podcasts and history. I like big band swing, easy listening jazz, story-telling country and aggressive hip-hop. I want to write stories and save the world.

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Below, find some quick-links to the important stuff. From the easiest way to contact me directly to the stuff I’ve put out there, this site is a cache for all of it.

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